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Task XII aims to report on the current status of the heavy-duty hybrid vehicles “playing field” and will give an view on the available and emerging hybrid vehicle technologies and on the current and expected state of the market.

To collect and organize the required information, three subtasks have been defined.

The first -technology oriented- subtask aims at structuring the information on heavy-duty hybrid vehicle components, systems and configurations. This subtask identifies and illustrates the technical requirements, especially highlighting where they are different from light-duty requirements, the available technologies and their characteristics, and the system integration requirements. Additionally, there is a focus on powertrain configurations (topologies) and powertrain strategies for high efficiency and low emissions.

The second -market oriented- subtask targets collecting market information on heavy-duty hybrid vehicles. The current market of existing hybrid prototypes and standard vehicles needs to be investigated. The information gathering will focus on the applied technology, as well as the costs and its merits in meeting customer expectations. In this way it complements the first subtask. This subtask will increase the insights into the applications where heavy-duty hybrids have been an effective solution and can thus provide essential information for future hybrid vehicle deployment projects. The lessons learned will not only focus on the technical barriers to overcome but also on the required framework (training of mechanics, support, etc.) for successful project implementations. To address the potential of heavy-duty hybrid vehicles it is useful to identify niche applications that may benefit to a great extent from hybridization.

The third -dissemination oriented- subtask involves collecting and disseminating general information and promoting the Task XII objectives and results to a broad range of stakeholders. This can be done by setting up a dedicated website, preparing papers, giving presentations at relevant conferences, and keeping up contact with relevant platforms by sharing information on heavy-duty hybrid developments.